Ezra-Habonim, the Niles Township Jewish Congregation
4500 Dempster Street, Skokie IL 60076 - 847-675-4141
Quick Links
Gift Cards
Help support the synagogue by
purchasing Jewel or Food 4 Less
gift cards.  It costs you nothing and
the synagogue gets a percentage.  
Contact Bill Gerber in the office at
847-675-4141 for more information

Please help support EHNTJC programs and budget by sponsoring a weekly Shabbat
Oneg $350 Kiddish or Lunch for $500.00.

For more information or to reserve by phone, please call the office at

Memorial Plaques
When a member of your family passes away, we at EHNTJC can provide you with a
venue to memorialize them. A bronze memorial plaque is $400 and will be placed on
our wall. Each year at the time of Yahrzeit, a special plaque will be placed on our
lighted memorial. Call the office to order your memorial plaque at (847) 675-4141.

We can send you a brochure with more details. A leaf on our Tree of Life, located in
the entrance, is a wonderful way to remember a special simcha in your life, or to honor
a family member or friend.

A leaf costs $180 and a large plaque is $400, and is a lasting, loving remembrance. Just
call the office to order your leaf or bronze plaque at 847-675-4141.  

High Holiday CD
Listen to Cantor Warschawski’s Beautiful High Holiday Music All Year Round. Cantor
Warschawski produced a CD of High Holiday music which is now available in the office.
The early bird price is $18.00 per CD. This is a perfect item to listen to in your car,
your home, or to give as gifts. The cover has a beautiful
picture of our synagogue ark and the Cantor.  
Synagogue Wish List

There are so many items the synagogue truly
needs that our congregants, if only they
knew, would be pleased to provide. Here are
some of our Wish List items with approximate

Gift cards from Sam’s Club or Office Max
Any denomination
Religious School Books & Supplies
Landscaping for Fall
Computers for Office
$500 each
Vacuum Cleaner
Chairs on Bima Reupholstery (Named)
$1000 each
Help with a Membership
$1218 Single
$2218 Family
New Paint (Social Hall)
New Carpet (Social Hall)