Bet, Gimmel and Daled class recap for January 26, 2016

Thu, 02/11/2016 - 8:59am -- Religious School

Written by guest blogger, Dr. Judith-Rae Ross

Hello Parents,

I am Dr. Judith-Rae Ross and I had the honor of substituting for Mr. Morell on January 26th. Your children are delightful. You have every reason to be proud of them.

We started class with our T’zedakah collection, and I’m happy to report the ambulance fund is now $8.64 heavier.

During the first half of the class we concentrated on the Tefillot, namely the Friday night prayers and the Havdallot blessings. We went over the V’Ahavta, the Shema and the Aleynu. Each of your children reads Hebrew quite well.

After our snack and a little time to visit we discussed whether or not many of the Bible stories are true. We talked in particular about the Exodus. I explained how a tidal wave off the Greek island of Santorini could have pulled the water of the Sea of Reeds back then released it, thus drowning the Egyptian army. One of your children noted that an ancient Egyptian army uniform has been recently discovered in the Sea of Reeds.

Then we talked about the Jewish holidays that come in the winter and spring: Tu b’ishvat; Purim; Passover, and Shavuot.  We discussed the importance of trees in Israel’s history, all the customs of Purim, the story of Passover and the many reasons Shavuot is celebrated. Perhaps you could tell your children about your childhood memories of these holidays. Doing so would forge a closer bond between religious school and home.

We then started work on the Purim crossword puzzle. But soon it was time to go. I sent the puzzle home with your children. Maybe you can solve it together.

We had a busy two hours and we learned from each other. L’hitraot.