Bet, Gimmel and Dalet Class Recap for January 9 2016

Wed, 01/27/2016 - 3:05pm -- Religious School

Saturday was a fun and productive day in our Bet, Gimmel and Dalet class. First, we discussed this week’s Parsha from Exodus titled Va’eira. Rabbi Weill discussed the story of Pharaoh, and the turmoil Jews experienced in Egypt. No matter how bitter their lives were, the Parsha still teaches us an important moral, the importance of being grateful for the things we have.
After the Rabbi’s talk with the classes, the students led a Shabbat Service with the older kids. Ruthie helped lead the service with Julia. Leo and Ruthie both had Aliyot. The kids are becoming more confident with the Torah Service component, which indicates their hard work is paying off. Following the service, we had our Oneg with the Kiddish and Motzee.
We spent some time discussing this week’s torah portion and how can be personally applied to our lives. The kids came up with some great examples and explained how they are grateful for people that may not always receive the "thanks" they deserve. After we played Jewish Value Card Challenge, Apples to Apples Jewish Edition, and Parsho, a game in which you have to put the Torah portions in chronological order. We ended class by heading up to the main chapel with the congregation for the conclusion of the Shabbat Service.