Hey Class Recap for February 13, 2016

Mon, 02/22/2016 - 11:20am -- Religious School

Rabbi Weill introduced the Parsha “Trumah”.  We followed with a Shabbat service led by Dalia, Sam and Verlin. 

Ariana walked with the Torah, Oren, William and 2 students from Josh’s class had Aliot.

In class we did the following: 

 Weekly Parsha Trumah

We reviewed “ Trumah”  by posing questions about the main elements in this Parsha: donations by the Israelites to build the mobile Sanctuary, The Holy Arc, the Alter, The Menorah and other vessels. We also discussed  how impressive were the architectural specification given in terms of the measurements and attention to details.

Hebrew Conversation

We practiced the Hebrew Demonstrative words (This and These)  using a handout with missing words which students had to fill (orally).
They took the handouts home as written homework for next Tuesday.
Jewish Ethics and Folklore

We discussed two stories. The first about performing Mitzvoth and the second about an old argument as to which is the cause of trouble: the body or the
soul?  We explored the message in the stories and students improvised a couple of skits to act them out.