Hey Class Recap for February 16, 2016

Sun, 02/28/2016 - 10:06pm -- Religious School

Hebrew Conversation

Students were given two Hebrew exercises.  They had a set of sentences and were to fill in the blanks with the correct determinates:‎ זה זו זאת אלה‎.
We then reviewed the answers and made corrections as needed.


Students had a scavenger hunt looking for clues around the synagogue. They had a set of sentences; they had to match some classical biblical statement in English to their Hebrew equivalent
Ex: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” –                                                                השומר אחי אנוכי ?‎.


We watched a video designed to promote tourism in Israel. It was full of  imagery accompanied by music covering life in Israel and depicting places, people and activities across the country. Students commented on places they recognized and I briefly explained the others