Hey Class Recap for February 20, 2016

Wed, 03/02/2016 - 9:38am -- Religious School

Rabbi Weill introduced the Parsha “Tetzaveh”.  We followed with a Shabbat service led by Alyssa and Verlin.  Ariana walked with the Torah.  Verlin, Alyssa, Ariana and 4 students from Josh’s class had Aliot.

In class we did the following: 

Weekly Parsha Trumah


We reviewed “Tetzaveh”  by posing questions about the main elements in this Parsha:  the mitzvah of bringing olive oil to be used in the Mishkan; the Ner Tamid, (Eternal light) and the 7 branch pure gold Menorah to be placed in the Miskhan; the appointment of Aaron as High Priest and his 4 sons as priests; the specifications regarding the priestly garments; and Aaron’s breastplate, its stones and the function of the “Urim and Tumin” allowing Aaron to communicate with God.


Hebrew Conversation:

We practiced again the Hebrew demonstrative words (This and These)  using a different handout with missing words which students had to fill (orally). They took the handouts home as written homework.


Jewish Ethics and Folklore

I told an old Jewish tale of Russia. “The Corpse Bride”.  We discussed its message regarding the seriousness of  the solemn Jewish marriage vow. Students then enacted the story in an improvised skit.