Hey Class Recap for February 6, 2016

Wed, 02/17/2016 - 9:32am -- Religious School

Rabbi Weill introduced the Parsha “Mishpatim”.  We followed with a Shabbat service led by Ariana, Verlin and 3 students from the Bet/Gimmel/Dalet class.  Ariana and Alyssa had an Alia, as well as 4 students from the other class. 

Weekly Parsha Yitro

We reviewed “ Mispatim”  by posing questions about the main elements in this Parsha regarding the laws and ordinances received at  Sinai. There was a good discussion regarding the laws of the slave and also the Torah concept of eye for eye and tooth for tooth and how it differs from the laws of Hammurabi which most students are familiar with from their regular school.

Hebrew Conversation

To break the monotony we skipped this activity in favor of a Jeopardy game covering subjects like Jewish Holidays, Bible, Israel, Jewish History and Jewish Holidays.   The students had fun as they challenged each other for the win.

Jewish Ethics and Folklore

Using the example of a person who is drilling a hole under his seat in a crowded boat we examined the concept of individual responsibility to the others and why is it that one’s actions could have far reaching consequences affecting many people. This triggered a good discussion and students volunteered personal examples and exchanged ideas.