Hey Class Recap for January 23 2016

Wed, 02/10/2016 - 9:28am -- Religious School

Rabbi Weil introduced the Parsha “BeShalach” We followed with a Shabbat service led by Alyssa and Verlin.  Daniel and Alyssa had an aliah, as well as 3 students from Josh’s class.

In class we did the following: 

Weekly Parsha BeShalach

Students read this week’s portion in Exodus. The studens discussed the events in this Parsha regarding the events at the Red sea: the songs of praise by Moses and Miriam and the battle against Amalek. 

Hebrew Conversation

We learned Hebrew words from the handouts “Ulpan Bet lessons 6” and practiced using them in different forms such as singular plural, masculine and feminine.

Jewish Ethics and Folklore

The teacher read the folk story “Who is the Thief? ” about the wisdom of king Solomon in judging a person’s character by observing how one reacts to a story containing some moral values.

Lesson:  Greed and the pursuit of money manifests itself in what one says and in the manner one behaves. Students reenacted the story in a skit.