Hey Class Recap for January 26, 2016

Thu, 02/11/2016 - 9:06am -- Religious School

Tanach: King I (Chapter 19)

Students read the chapter regarding Elijah fleeing from queen Jezebel and the events in the Sinai desert. There was no written assignment but we did follow with  questions and answers  to review the material in the chapter. 

Hebrew Conversation

We reviewed the new words in lesson 7 of Ulpan Bet. Students then worked in pairs on a written assignment translating 5 sentences from Hebrew to English and 5 sentences from English to Hebrew. They presented their answers and I expanded it by having them change these from male to female, singular to plural and vice versa. Each student received a pocket folder for their Hebrew material. All other handouts to be kept in their binders. I asked students to leave binders and folders in school and keep the blue book at home for practice.

Pirke Avot

We reviewed a handout containing a saying by Rabbi Tarfon: “One is not obligated to complete the task, however one is not permitted to desist from it”.
We analyzed this statement and students commented on what they thought the meaning of this is. Most students participated and we had a good discussion.

Skit: Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal to a contest

For the last 15 minutes Students formed 2 groups to improvise and enact a skit on the topic above.