Hey Class Recap for March 5, 2016

Thu, 03/24/2016 - 12:28pm -- Religious School

Class Notes 3/5/16

Rabbi Weill joined us and introduced the Parsha “Vayakhel”.  We followed with a Shabbat service led by Ariana and Verlin.  Dalia, Oren, Verlin, Alyssa and 4 students from Josh’s class had Aliot.


In class we did the following: 


Weekly Parsha Vayakhel

Students spent a few minutes reading the Parsha. We reviewed the material by posing questions about the main elements in this Parsha which deals with the actual construction of the Mishcan and all its implements.

Hebrew Conversation:

Students worked in pairs translating sentences from English to Hebrew and adding some missing words as well. They then presented to the class in the form of a conversation. 

Jewish Ethics and Folklore

I told a parable about a clock tower (see lesson plan) and we discussed briefly how it relates to the concept of protecting the Torah from making any changes lest it becomes void of meaning.  Students then enacted the story in an improvised skit.