Israel Affairs Committee

The Israel Affairs Committee endeavors to bring information to EHNTJC about Israel, in order to keep the congregation informed about events in Israel, and to support our Jewish connections to the State of Israel.

Congress will be voting in September on the recently negotiated "Iran Nuclear Agreement" that would allow Iran a clear path to developing nuclear weapons, while removing sanctions and continuing to fund terrorism. Write your Senators and Congressman and tell them to REJECT A BAD DEAL, and insist on a better one.  This is an URGENT matter affecting the security of the U.S.A., as well as that of our strategic allies.

Here are letters addressed to Senator Durbin and Senator Kirk of Illiinois, and a blank letter that can be addressed to your Congressman (or Senator) wherever you live.  

Here are links to how you can find the name/address of your Congressman and Senator for the generic letter: